WCVA Wales Volunteer of the Year 2010

The Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards, managed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and supported this year by CCLA Investment Management Ltd, is an annual opportunity to reward people who have made an outstanding contribution to their community.

On 10th June, WSSAG was honoured to have one of our members Constance Nzeneu receive an award for Volunteer of the Year at a presentation ceremony which was held in Cardiff Castle.

Adult category – Constance Nzeneu, Cardiff

‘Most women seeking sanctuary in the UK face not only the trauma that forced them to flee their country of origin and the complexity and hostility of the UK immigration system,’ said Patricia Barrera, Research Consultant with Black Voluntary Sector Network Wales (BVSNW).

‘They are also faced with the complex situation of finding themselves and their children in a foreign country which – most of the time – is alien to their cultural and social background.’

A board member of BVSNW, Constance – who is from Cameroon – is also currently training to become a volunteer adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Constance has been one of the driving forces behind the emergence of WSSAG and its growing success,’ said Hywel Bishop, No Borders South Wales, who also nominated Constance for her award.
‘She acts as an inspiration to others by showing what can be achieved if women seeking sanctuary come and stand together to make their voices heard.’

Constance said her daily role involved providing a range of support, from interpreting to practical, social and moral. ‘There is no greater joy to know that you have helped someone.’

WSSAG is run by volunteers which not only empowers people but also builds vital life skills. We are very proud of the recognition for all the hard work that has been put in by our members, and celebrate such a great achievement for Constance. Well Done!

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