Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize

On Saturday 27th November 2010, WSSAG Wales was very proud and honoured to win The Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize group award, recognising the importance of WSSAG’s work with refugee and asylum seeking women who have escaped all forms of violence to seek sanctuary in the UK.

“Emma was a writer, campaigner and survivor of male violence who fought an historic struggle to overturn a murder conviction in 1995, supported by Justice for Women and other feminist campaigners.

Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize judges choose the recipient of a group award, established to recognise the unsung work done by many women’s groups and organisations. This award marks the outstanding contribution of women’s organisations who work in this embattled area and whose creativity and resourcefulness have resulted in developments that combat the prevalence of male violence.”

In the evening, there was the chance to join the Reclaim the Night march against rape and all forms of male violence against women. “We march today to demand our right to live without the fear or reality of rape and male violence, we demand an end to male violence against women, we take back this night to win the day.

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